US Awasthi Scholarship

US Awasthi Scholarship 2019-2020: US Awasthi Scholarship sponsored by IFFCO in Rural Innovation 2019-2020 is a scholarship for youth, who is excited to change the agricultural sector of the marketplace with an innovative approach to develop productivity in Agriculture. They should be passionate about the development of health care for women and children or education, hygiene, elder care with all the ideas associated with technology. The idea needs to be able to touch at least a million people. Hence, the United States Awasthi IFFCO Village Innovation Exchange is composed for you.

Farmers have met the difficulty of getting a direct source of inputs and agricultural products from the central government. Currently, the manual system has abandoned both the government and the population (farmers). Due to this, there is a drastic decrease in the number of goods to meet the requirement for food in India.

US Awasthi Scholarship Overview

Conducting Body Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited
Nationality Indian
Eligibility The youth of India who is willing to serve rural regions for development
Last to Apply Available throughout the year
Conducting Country India
Official Link

What is US Awasthi Scholarship?

  • Presently, in the United States, Awasthi has officially declared the American Awasthi IFFCO Village Scholarship Innovation with the great purpose of researching and developing innovative ideas available amongst rural youth.
  • The scholarship must interest to rural youth, knowing that they have a contribution to make to the development of society with Talents and Creativity.
  • The US Awasthi wants to provide an opportunity for all the individual youth to develop their leadership skills and achieve the accomplishment in developing the rural regions.
  • The American Awasthi Scholarship is for youth who are interested in agriculture as an economic catalyst and who are passionate about health care for the elderly.
  • The American Awasthi Scholarship is for youth who are interested in agriculture as an economic instigator and who are excited about health care for the elderly.
  • The American Stock Exchange Awasthi 2019 is hosted in India. If you are an international student and would like to study in India can apply for the scholarship.

US Awasthi Scholarship Eligibility

  • The United States Awasthi IFFCO is available to local people in India
  • Candidates should have technological ideas on agriculture
  • Candidate should be passionate about health care for women and children, education, elder care, infrastructure, and hygiene.
  • The idea of the candidates should potentially reach at least one million users.

US Awasthi Scholarship Application Procedure

  • Candidates who meet the eligibility criteria and are willing to serve the rural regions of the nation with their innovative ideas can apply directly through the official website,
  • Candidates can visit the website and follow the instructions to apply.

Application Deadline: There is no deadline to apply for the US Awasthi Scholarship. The application is intended to work throughout the year.

US Awasthi Scholarship Benefits

The United States, Awasthi IFFCO, has the following benefits:

  • An e-commerce portal for farmers to buy agricultural products
  • A classifieds portal where farmers can buy and sell their Agri products
  • A multilingual discussion forum to share knowledge and best practices
  • IFFCO Yuva a job portal for rural youth, etc

US Awasthi Scholarship – About IFFCO

IFFCO is headquartered in the United States and has the main objective, to raise cooperative societies to IFFCO, in recent years 24. Since then, huge success has been reported. Around 35 thousand cooperative societies have been combined with IFFCO since that date. To improve productivity, IFFCO launched a digital action in recent months. They have built an E-Commerce Website allowing farmers to buy inputs and farm goods or products. This portal is a knowledge-based method with a well-ranked procedural plan for the procurement and sale of agricultural products. Because of this system an employment platform for IFFO Youth is opened.

US Awasthi Scholarship – In Newsletter

US Awasthi, MD IFFCO is the man on the mission. In the past 24 years, he has extended IFFCO into a conglomerate enabling more than thirty-five thousand cooperative societies. Now he has started on another brave dream of helping 4 crore farmers embrace digital as a way of life by 2018. IFFCO’s customer base is largely in rural India. People come together to form a society which in turn becomes a member of IFFCO. Thus IFFCO, in effect is owned by the farmer.

While a lot of emphasis on digital has been put by the government and various schemes have been launched to this effect, the sheer magnitude of work that needs to be done need people like US Awasthi also pitch in. In the past few months, IFFCO has launched digital initiatives at an astonishing pace. IFFCO has launched an e-commerce portal enabling farmers to buy agri produce, a classifieds portal where farmers can buy and sell their Agri produce, a multilingual discussion forum to share knowledge and best practices, IFFCO Yuva a job portal for the rural youth, etc.

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