CBSE Class 11 Humanities (Arts): CBSE offers 3 Streams for students who are going to class 11th and class 12th. 3 Streams in Class 11 CBSE are Science, Commerce, Arts/Humanities. Choosing a stream after class 10 is a difficult and crucial stage in students life. Humanities is a part of society and culture. Class 11 is a turning point in Student’s life, as for science and commerce don’t have many options in life, so students preferably choose Humanities as their stream in Class 11.

CBSE Class 11 Humanities (Arts)

Subjects that are offered in Class 11 Humanities are Economics, History, Psychology, Geography, Political Science, Sociology, Philosophy, etc., A clear and deep explanation of each subject is as discussed below. Understanding of difficulties in Society, and the ability to research things are qualities that we can find in Humanities Students. By Choosing Humanities as a stream in Class 11, Students have different career options like journalist, writer, lawyer, fashion designer, graphic designer, public administrator, psychologist, economist, lawyer, artist, teacher, political scientist, marketing/advertising professional, anthropologist, etc., students who are willing and curious to learn more about society and world around them, its history, society, systems, laws are a good fit to choose a stram called Humanities.

In this page, we have given a detail explanation about Subjects of Class 11 Humanities. Read on to find more about Chapters of Class 11 Humanities (Arts).

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Humanities (Arts) Stream