CBSE Class 6 English Writing Postcard Writing

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CBSE Class 6 English Postcard Writing

Postcard Writing For Class 6 CBSE

1. Puran Singh is to board the Shatabdi Express on way to Calcutta. At New Delhi railway station just before the train is going to leave the station he remembers that he has put the keys of the almirah among his books. He decides to write a postcard to his sister Sonu asking her to put the keys either at the mantelpiece or give them to mother. Write the postcard to Sonu, using not more than 40 words.
15 March, 2007
Dear Sonu
When It Is just 5 minutes for the train to leave, I suddenly remember that I left the almirah keys among my books. Please put them on the mantel-piece or give to mother to avoid unnecessary trouble.
Your brother

Postcard Writing Topics CBSE Class 6

2. Anupam Verma was on his way to a round tour of south India with his school party. At Sonepat, just before the Jhelum Express was due to arrive, he remembered something important. It was that he issued a cheque for his friend but he left it in his coat’s pocket. His friend was to collect it after 3 days and he was to ask his mother to give that to his friend. He decided to write a postcard to his brother, Arun, asking him to give the cheque to his friend when he called. He had only a few minutes before his train left. Write the postcard to Arun, using not more than 40 words.
20 June, 2007
Dear Arun
I forgot to ask you to give a cheque to Asheem when he comes. It is in my coat’s inside pocket. Give it to him when he asks for it.
Your brother

Postcard Writing In English CBSE

3. Aditya, who lives in Delhi, left for Shimla on a week’s holiday on Sun-day. On the train he realised that he had forgotten to return his local library books due on Saturday. The library is closed on Wednesday. He decided to write his brother a postcard from Shimla requesting him to return the books which he had left on his table. Write out the postcard giving all the details required. Do not add any new information. Write your answer in 50 words or less.
17 June 2007
I forgot to return local library books due on Saturday before leaving (for Shimla). These books are lying on my table. Please return them at the earliest. Please remember that the library is closed on Wednesday.

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4. Suppose you are Rakesh. Your uncle has sent you an alarm clock on your birthday. Write a postcard thanking him.
Ashok Nagar
Sonepat, Haryana
20 July 2007
My dear uncle
I thank you for the alarm clock. I liked it very much. In fact, it is the best among all the gifts I got at my birthday. It is beautiful and useful for me.
I missed you much on this occasion.
Yours lovingly

5. You are Rakhi you had planned to visit your friend’s house next week. But for some family problems you have dropped it. Write a postcard to inform her.
Sector V
Jagat Enclave
Saket, New Delhi
12 August 2007
Dear Neha
I am sorry to say that my programme has been’ changed. I cah’t come to you next week. Some problems have grown in my family. I hope the situation will come in control soon. I shall inform you soon about my next programme. Rest is OK.

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