NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Maths Math Magic : Class 5 in many is considered as the base for many subjects. This is the standard in which many topics are introduced for the first time. These topics will be useful in advanced classes later on. One of this subject that requires a student to have a strong base is maths. Thus, we are bringing CBSE 5th class maths textbook solutions of math magic, that can help students find the solutions to the exercises and thereby have a better understanding of the subject.

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Maths Math Magic

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Maths Math Magic Workbook Pdf, Worksheets, Notes, Questions and Answers.

NCERT Solutions for Class 5

In CBSE class 5 maths textbook, students will basic maths topics like factors, large numbers, HCF and LCM, fractions, divisibility tests, decimals, averages, profit and loss, and many more. Thus, NCERT 5th class maths book solutions becomes a very important article for the students who are seeking help on these topics. In this article, we are helping you with the overview of each chapter given in the NCERT textbook.

Class 5 Maths Chapter 1 The Fish Tale

Some of the major topics that students are going to study in this chapter are calculating the distance traveled by boat with the help of distance and calculating the money boats that are made by selling prawns and fish. Furthermore, students will learn about the multiplication rule of calculating the overall fishes that are caught.

Class 5 Maths Chapter 2 Shapes and Angles

In this chapter, various angles and shapes are explained in a very interactive manner. This will be explained to students using 3D models, interesting pictures, videos, and images. Along with students will be taught how to calculate the angle between the hand and the arm in the clock? What is the angle formed between the abdomen and a thigh? What will be the angle made by the hands of a clock when the time at 1040 pm? These are the types of questions that students will be able to solve after understanding this chapter.

Class 5 Maths Chapter 3 How Many Squares

This chapter will give you a reference about the rectangles. There are various types of examples and solutions given in this chapter. Which of the given rectangle has the longest perimeter? When dots are given, how many rectangles can be formed? These are some of the questions that will be answered in this chapter.

Class 5 Maths Chapter 4 Parts and Whole

There are different types of examples related to parts and whole are given in this chapter. Some of the examples are as follows, Raj had chocolate. Of which he gave 1/3 rd to Soham, 1/4th to Raju, and 1/6th to Shrey. Raj ate the remaining chocolate. Find the number of pieces that each person got. The other example is the various shapes that are used for the area models. Furthermore, you will be asked to mark some squares in a grid. Then you will be asked about the part that you have marked. Also, the final part that remains marked needs to be answered.

Class 5 Maths Chapter 5 Does it Look the Same?

NCERT solutions for class 5 maths is designed in such a way that patterns and shapes are discussed in a way which students can understand. The solutions given here are step by step guide along with the tips and tricks that make the learning process easier. There are many different concepts that are covered in this chapter. Some of them are preparing various types of patterns and then identifying them. Changing the way and position of alphabet figures and also comparing them. Learning different shapes of various patterns given in the chapter.

Class 5 Maths Chapter 6 Multiple, I’ll be Your Factor

In this chapter, students will learn about jumping and skipping 2 or 3 numbers and thus forming a series using it. Figuring out the numbers that are divided by 2, 3, or 4. Also, you will be explained various multiples of a number given in the sequence. Furthermore, you will be asked to find out the smallest common factors and much more.

Class 5 Maths Chapter 7 Can You See The Pattern

Chapter 7 of the NCERT textbook comprises of can you see the pattern. This chapter helps students in understanding various shapes and patterns. The solutions given in the chapter 7 of class 5 maths contains examples like filling the square using only the numbers from 46 to 54. Also, the rule is that the total for each line should not be more than 120.

Class 5 Maths Chapter 8 Mapping Your Way

NCERT solutions for class 5 maths has different types of many problems and examples that show various types of questions that can be asked in the exam. In this chapter, some of the major questions that can be asked find the distance of the landmark that is more closer to river or building, in comparison with other find out the area of an object when it’s size is reduced, identify the shape given in the figure and picture and how many sides are there, etc. These are some of the examples that you will get to solve in this chapter.

Class 5 Maths Chapter 9 Boxes and Sketches

This chapter in the NCERT textbook is explained using 3D images, animated videos, and models. Thus, it makes sure that kids can understand the concepts very easily. Also, there are assignments in chapter 9 along with the worksheets for practice. In this chapter, there are many different examples which can be solved by students for practice. The topics discussed in this topic includes finding the shape of boxes using the figure of an open box. You need to figure out which figure can be used to form a box.

Class 5 Maths Chapter 10 Tenths and Hundredths

This chapter 10 of NCERT textbook helps students in understanding and comparing the two figures with given examples. In this chapter, students will find questions related to measuring the length of the tail in the animals. There are examples in questions such as the line that is longest among the given two and length of a 100 rupee note that can help students in understanding this chapter better.

Class 5 Maths Chapter 11 Area and its Boundary

This chapter deals area and boundary, calculating the various areas of squares and rectangles, then the difference between area and length and how to measure these. In this chapter, students are often encouraged to use the basic formulas to find the problems and their solutions. There are also other techniques like multiplying and counting tiles which are also discussed in this chapter. Some of the examples in this chapter that are discussed are what is perimeter, find the area of different rectangles, why does other person have different sizes of belts, etc.

Class 5 Maths Chapter 12 Smart Charts

Diagrams and charts are generally used to express the data visually. These are very easy to represent and also has a lasting impression on students. The information here also is processed faster and quicker. In this chapter, the students are exposed to the information that can easily represent in the form of tables. These are also used to represent the tables and solve problems using that and thus deduce various conclusions.

Class 5 Maths Chapter 13 Ways to Divide and Multiply

This chapter specifically deals with various concepts of division and multiplication. These are two very important concepts from the perspectives of academic as well as non-academic. Furthermore, the questions given in this chapter are moreover related to real-life scenarios.

Class 5 Maths Chapter 14 How Big How Heavy

In this chapter, students will be taught different methods and units for weighing and measurements. There are different questions related volumes and areas in this chapter. The questions will be moreover related to different concepts that depict real-life situations.

NCERT solutions for class 5 maths Math Magic textbook can be a handy tool for students. They can go through the article or download the PDF and solve each chapter one by one.