What are the methods of preventing or reducing soil erosion?

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    Following methods will be effective in the prevention of soil erosion -

    1. Afforestation is tree plantation, which should be undertaken in areas where plants/trees are already cut and additional areas should also be brought under plantation.

    2. Crop rotation is cultivation of different crops in succession on the same area of land over a period of time. It maintains the fertility of the soil and the water-holding capacity of the soil. In this way it prevents soil erosion.

    3. Strip-cropping is the planting of crops in rows or strips to check flow of water. It is a common practice on the sloping areas in hills, this reduces the steepness of the slopes and checks soil erosion.
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    The various methods for preventing and reducing soil erosion are:

    (i) Preventing excessive grazing.

    (ii) Planting more and more trees as the roots of the trees hold the soil in place (afforestation).

    (iii) Contour ploughing and terrace farming in hilly areas.

    (iv) Keeping the vegetation cover on the ground to reduce the effect of wind and water.

    (v) Use of proper drainage canals in the fields.

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